Program of Work

The Program of Work is designed to assist chapters in being actively involved in local, state, and national programs. Ideas and incentives are designed to help chapters recruit new members and engage existing members in new and creative ways. Chapters can earn state and national recognition for their achievements.

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BOSS Squares Color Key

Red (November)   BOSS-Logo-1-Red   Yellow (Post State) BOSS-Logo-1-Orange    Orange (October) BOSS-Logo-1-Orange  Green (December)  BOSS-Logo-1-Green

Violet (Post State) BOSS-Logo-1-Purple   Blue (September) BOSS-Logo-1-Blue   Purple (January)  BOSS-Logo-1-Purple   Turquoise (Post State) BOSS-Logo-1-Blue

Rules and Procedures

Document NameDownload
2015-16 FBLA Membership Levels2014-15-FBLA-Membership-Levels.pdf
2015-16 Monthly VP Report2015-16-Monthly-VP-Report.pdf
Chapter POW Operations GuideChapter-POW-Operations-Guide.pdf
Rules and ProceduresRules-and-Procedures-2015-16.pdf

State Bank:
Pending: $0
Reflections to Future Officers (January)
PBL Presentation (November)
Create a Resume (November)
Gold Membership
American Enterprise Day (November)
Business Tour (November)
Chapter BAA Members (October)
Photos by SLC
Region/State Preparation (January)
Middle School Involvement (October)
Attend Region Competition (December)
State Sponsor (January)
Attend the Fall Leadership Conference (October)
National Membership Program (September)
Silver Membership
Platinum Membership
Business Speaker (November)
March of Dimes Fundraiser (December)
Judges for State (January)
Community Service Report (December)
Joint Activity (December)
Local Chapter Business Report (January)
Recruitment Bulletin Board
Monthly VP Reports (September)
Invite a State Officer (October)
Submit Initial Dues (September)
Bronze Membership
Recruitment Rally (September)
Keys to FBLA Success (September)
Game Board (September)
Chapter Profile